Tuesday, June 24, 2008

At long last!!!!

Today, at long last, is the day we have been waiting for for months! Today my husband opened up his new store for Nugget Market in Elk Grove. This store is unbelievably amazing! The front of the store is painted like a sunflower and took over 3 months to paint. Here are some photos of the store.

Produce section

Floral department

Cheese department

Natural Living department

Wine aisle

Overview of the store

The Family

All in all this has been a very exciting day! I am so proud of my husband. This is the culmination of many years of hard work for him. He has been in this business for over a quarter century! Wow, that makes us sound so old!!!! Anyways, with all of the excitement none of us were able to sleep the night before and we were all up at the crack o' dawn. So, it came as no surprise when this is what the scene looked like on the way home!

This is a day all of us will remember for the rest of our lives.


was utterly uneventful and yet full. Here is what happened.

~I woke up before dawn for no good reason! I got up and started the dishwasher and the laundry.

~I didn't even have my morning cup of coffee because I was busy with house work.

~I read with my kids.

~I saw this face...

~I found out that I will definitely be moving salons in August which will save us a bunch of money each month!

~We went out to dinner as a family.

~I actually sat down at my scrapbook table for the first time in a couple of weeks and made this for the One Little Word challenge blog.

~I blogged!

Here are a couple of digi layouts that I have completed recently for a Jessica Sprague class that I am taking. Boy, I am learning a lot! If you click on the layout a full size picture should come up and you can read the journaling if you want.

Oh, and one more thing! I was contacted yesterday by Ronda from One Little Word blog. She told me that I had won something in their last blog post. I had no idea. That was a nice surprise.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you want the good new...

Or the bad news first? Well, since I think it's nice to end things on a positive note I'll start with the bad. My Mom fell on Monday and broke her arm and dislocated her elbow. OUCHIE!! She has several "chips" in her bone which prevents it from going back into place until she has surgery on Tuesday. So for the time being she will remain in a tremendous amount of pain till it gets fixed. We're talking pain so severe that it makes you vomit every time you move. Yeah, good times!! So that's the bad news.
Alrighty, so on to the good news! On Tuesday two of my layouts were chosen for the Catwalk on Scrap in Style TV! Woo Hoo!
Celine Navarro chose this one called Friends.

That alone thrilled me, but I scrolled down further and there was another one on the Catwalk! Wha? Crazy right?!Jody Ferlaak chose this one that I made for the One Little Word challenge blog.

So I was feeling very good indeed on Tuesday! Then, I wake up this morning and found out that they had already picked a winner over at Scrapjacked. So I head on over and see this layout staring back at me.

Dude, I thought I was being punked by Ashton or something! I still can't believe it. So, that is my good news.
So that is my week so far. A little bit of good news mingled in with a little bit of bad. Oh well, such is life I suppose..........

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I made this today at Scrapblog. Super easy and fun! If you haven't tried it yet you should. It is a great way to get your feet wet in digi without spending a lot of money on software. In fact, it is absolutely free!!!! Gotta love that!

So today was my children's last day of school! Woo Hoo!!!! I can't believe my babies are now in 3rd and 5th grades! UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE!!!!! Here is are two pictures of them. The first is of them on the first day of school, the other on the last! I didn't realize how much they had grown and changed until looking at these side by side.

We have got so many fun things planned for this summer. I am so excited! We are going camping for a week and to San Diego for a week later in the summer. We are "pet-sitting" one of the 4th grade Bearded Dragons. These things are super cool! Here is what they look like...
PhotobucketCute, huh?
Later in the summer we will be pet-sitting the hampster. The teacher had several pets in the class room this year. They included 3 tortoises, 2 bearded dragons, a turtle, a rat, a corn snake, a hampster, a guinea pig and a tarantula! What a wonderful experience for the kids to have all of these pets surrounding them at all times. They would the animals out (excepting the tarantula) to roam the classroom. The kids LOVED it!
I am so happy that it is summer and can't wait to spend some quality time with my peeps!

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