Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The promise of Spring

Spring is not here quite yet, but there are signs of it everywhere! I have bulbs blooming in my yard producing fragrant blossoms that hint of what is to come. I love that even when the weather may appear bitter and bleak, these tell tell signs of Spring are all around us reminding us that something new is just around the corner. Even when it may seem like the season we are currently in is going to last forever, it too will come to an end and new life will emerge. This time of year symbolizes a very important spiritual lesson for me. One that is easy to forget when times are hard. These little delights could easily be over looked if I chose to focus on what I can predominantly see, like barren trees, empty fields, the lack of colorful blossoms in my garden. Instead I chose to seek out the tiny treats that God has placed on this Earth that remind me that life is ever changing and a new season is fast approaching!

I wanted to include this photo of a quite amazing sunset that my husband captured. Isn't it breathtaking? It looks as though the horizon is going to catch fire at any moment! Gorgeous!


Jill said...

Love it! Funny because today I'm blogging on the snow here! I'm so jealous of the new growth on your rose bush!

Lisa said...

oh what pretty flowers! We won't have anything like that here until the end of May! Wow so pretty. Where are you btw?

Dayami said...

Love this!!!! I also blog about my garden. Love my orchids too.
TFS ;)

DeAnna T. said...

Is that a Davis sunset? I miss seeing those. They were always so beautiful.


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