Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another scrappy post

I have lots of layouts to share again from my Cathy Zielske class at BPS. The first is a "mini book" asking the members of my family to use 5 words to describe themselves then 5 words to describe us as a family. I'd have to say my favorite response was from my husband. When describing himself he said, "bald". Ha! Nothing like stating the obvious. He totally makes me laugh.
It was a fun and easy project to complete and was interesting to hear what my family thought about themselves. It could be a neat yearly project to see how our view of ourselves changes over time.

For this one I printed up a blog entry that I wrote on our 13th wedding anniversary last year, so the journaling was already done! I just added a photo and a couple of embellishments and viola!

This one is about my son and his recent purchase of a drum kit. In fact, as I write I can hear banging, crashing and thumping. Aahhhh, deep cleansing breathe. In the top photo he is opening his wallet to show me that he is stone cold broke, but as you can see in the lower photo he is not too upset about it.

This one is for the challenge I do with my homey's. I made a color wheel in the center and placed my families photos into a circle with the journaling around the edge. I had originally put it on a different background paper but didn't like it so I changed it up a bit. I like this version much better.

This one I used some of my beloved Sassafrass paper. Isn't it lovely? I love the lone blue chickie in the bottom corner.

This is one about my son's favorite sleep shirt. He has two identical shirts and wears one of them almost every single night since last Christmas! I cannot tell you how many pictures I have of this boy where he looks like he is wearing the same darn thing!!!!!! I love these pictures because they also show a bit of his goofy side.

I used some super old photos on this one from when my son was born. He is 8 now, so it was practically a life time ago. I have never scrapped any photos from when he was this little (I started scrapping four years after he was born), so it was nice to get some of these done while I was inspired to do it.

Well that is it for my scrappy update. I actually have been doing other things too, I just haven't had time to blog them. Thanks for stopping by and spending some time here with me. :0)


小喬 said...

wow nice blog!

undonegirl said...

Oh my gosh...don't tell Tanner but I thought that was Peyton with a wig on! Wow! The little lone blue birdie is quite adorable. I looove the drum cute. I also really like the idea of repeating the Gimme 5 book every year. Nice work!

Jen said...

you knock my socks off!!!
you have been such a productive little scrapping bee!!!
idk which LO i love more...they are all fantabulous!!
CZ must have sparked something in you! :)

DeAnna said...

DUDE! You have been busy. Those layouts rock!! They are truly really really good. I love the Sassafrass one, in fact I love them all. I remember when Tanner was born!! Yay me! I took you food and you had a big dog at the time! Little did I know at the time I would blogging on your page and you are truly one of my dearest friends! Great creative juices missy!

gretchen owens said...

holy are out of control...look at your scrappy self. do eat or are funny. i love them all...maybe i need to take a couple of classes to get me started :)

Jen said...

well...aren't you just pretty in pink??!!
i love all the changes...yummy! :)

Ann(i)e Hafermann said...

really seriously loving all these los!!!
so wish i was doing that class...enjoy it!!


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