Friday, February 27, 2009

Jillibean Soup goodness!

Here are a couple of projects I completed with some of the newest releases from Jillibean Soup. I love the bright fun colors, they were totally perfect to use for the layout of my little man. He truly is a wild child and brings sooooo much color to my life!

I was totally giving myself props for getting the corners perfect on the zig zag stitch. Hubby could not understand why this made me so happy. He couldn't relate at all. LOL!

A simple, but sweet card for someone special. Okay that's it for today!


DeAnna said...

I love love love this lo!! I love the bold colors what a great line!! Cute cute cute card too. Way to go!! Love the vibrant colors!!

undonegirl said...

Love, love that card! You were busy little lady! All these entries...where have I been? I swear I check your blog everyday!

CONGRATS on all your success with submissions AND good zig zag corners! You can die a happy woman...

Noel said...

LOVE this eye candy!! Thanks for making my day! :)


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