Thursday, February 3, 2011

Return from blogging obsurity...

Knock, knock, knock...anybody still there? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?! lol
I kid, I kid. Truth is, I would be surprised if anyone even looks at this anymore. I have been in relative blogging obscurity for a little while. I have been maintaining time for creativity, but my life has been a bit mad as of late and something honestly had to give...I have missed sharing bits and "pieces of me" here on the blog and I'd like make more regular appearances to this little place.
I have had a massive amount of growth, change and activity in my life, but rather than bore you with all the "wordy" details I with share pics from my most recent scrapbooking foray. Ready? Set? GO!
Day one of the show consisted of lots of craziness and fun. Here are some of the highlights:
Angel, Suzy, Madison of Echo Park, Julia, Sarah and I. Notice Suzy in a fit of laughter here? This was what we looked like most of the weekend!
One of my favorite new releases of the entire show was Echo Park's "For the Record"! What do you think? Yummy, right?! I am currently in possession of two pieces of this collection, so I plan to use them wisely until I can get my hands on the entire new release.
I also have two piece of "Hello Springtime" in my hot little hands! I can't wait to use these up, which shouldn't take long! lol
THIS was the clear, sunny, beautiful view from our hotel room...
This is what the show floor looked like on Friday. Huge crates everywhere while manufacturers scrabbled to set up!
Me in one of those huge crates. hee hee

Suzy's class for Bella Blvd. the first night. So fun! Everyone had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!
This is Sarah, Julie (BMW girl) and I after the class.

Hollywood or bust!
Us on our way to LA Live to eat at The Yardhouse. All I can say is yummmmmmmm....
There was a Laker game at The Staple Center the first night we were in town. Sadly, they lost to the Sacramento Queens, I mean Kings... Still, I couldn't pass up a chance to get my picture taken next to Magic Johnson. The man, the myth, the legend...
Oh my...That may not seem like a long post, but after being away for so long I am exhausted! lol
More on my super fab trip in the coming days...I promise! Thank you so much for stopping by!


DeAnna said...

I'm here!! So I think that the For the Record would be Yummy in fabric!!! I want some of that!!

Suzy West said...

Had so much fun!!!!


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