Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dear blog...

I know that you have been feeling a bit neglected lately. Sorry blog. I've just been so busy that I haven't taken the time to update you on my goings on. Let me see if I can rectify that right now. I sewed an 1840's costume for my daughter for an "Environmental Living Program" at Sutter's fort. I made a display board for the Fort entry with vintage looking photographs and thier characters names. I had
4th grade homework!!! Only 100 schools get to participate in the ELP program a year. It is an incredible opportunity for the children to get hands on experience about what it was really like to live as a Pioneer. They arrived at the fort in covered wagons drawn by horses. They rotated through 8 stations throughout the day and helped with task that were typical of families living at that time. They baked bread and cinnamon rolls in the bakery using an outside stone oven. They had kitchen duties, made mini horse shoes in the forge, made corn husk dolls (that was my station). We ate dinner at the Fort and then some musicians came with thier fiddles and guitars and the kids danced. Later they went upstairs in the main building and had a sing along. They stayed the night under the stars in thier sleeping bags and took turns during the middle of the night guarding the fort. It was a once in a life time opportunity!
Anyways blog, I thought you might like to see my daughter in her outfit and some other pictures from that fabulous day!

This is me and some other ladies trying to give our best "Pioneer faces" inside the bakery.

Me and my girl at the fort.

Getting her pioneer groove on!

I've also been on a 2nd grade fiedl trip to Cache Creek nature preserve. This is one of the delightful things we spied while there.

A Hummingbird nest! It had the tiniest little egg in it, one of the most precious things I've seen!

So all of that and then some: work, a child who is convinced that he has broken one of his limbs (again), re-arranging my scrap room, not to mention of of the regular stuff!
So blog, I am very sorry for having neglected you! I've been super busy but I know that is not much of an excuse! In the future I will try very hard to keep you in the know about what up. So, is all forgiven? Thanks blog, I knew you would understand!!!!!


Chasity Grace said...

those pioneer pics look like fun!

Jan C. said...

Just stopping by from SIS to say hi!

Love the pictures, esp. your daughter getting her pioneer groove on.


DeAnna said...

Your blog was funny. I wish I had known what day you were doing Sutter's Fort I would have brought Andrew down. Darn it, those days are so fun, I like going down there. I hear you on being busy, I think this is the first year ever, where I am actually looking forward to summer coming. Ahhhh the joys of a senior in highschool and a little one getting ready to start Kindergarten and a freshman who hates Biology!!

KhrisW said...

Loved the 'getting her pioneer groove on.' Very funny!

Amy Nabors said...

wow! you've been a busy mom! love the hummingbird nest!

gretchen owens said...

THANK GOODNESS...YOU UPDATED...i was about to send out the troops....

love the costumes, those are fabulous! such great your daughter dancing...can't wait to see it on a layout!

Lisa said...

The event sounds so fun and you had a nice outfit, did you make yours to?

Anonymous said...

You are forgiven. Amen.

That said, the pic of you and look BEAUTIFUL. The pic of you and the other ladies. look, how shall I say it, stoned? :) The costumes turned out GREAT. I love that you can sew now; it makes my heart happy. And finally, you know what I thought of the hummingbird egg. (sigh) Such a treasure to happen upon! I wish I could have seen it too!

lusi said...

hummingbird nest! Wow! How sweet!!!! thanks for the visit by my blog today and your kind words!
Love and blessings,
Lusi x

Jen said...

great pics, my dear! what a seamstress you are! we all forgive you, Amen!

end of the year school activities are kicking my butt as well right now!

love the new blog header as are a digi Queen!

and did you know that ppl were so stoic in pics back then b/c it took so long to capture a photo???

ya, you prolly already knew that!
as always...thx for all your lovins!


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