Saturday, January 31, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

Yay! Hubby and I get on a plane tomorrow before the crack-o-dawn for Vegas. My mother is coming to stay with the kids. It is going to be a quick trip but I am excited to get away with him. We are staying at the Paris Hotel. I am very excited about this since it is my hearts desire to go to Paris someday. I am fairly certain that this is the closest I will get to the Eiffel Tower this year. One reason for that is the cost, which is a biggie. The other is almost equally as big. I don't have a passport (as I mentioned in an earlier post), so even if I had the money, they wouldn't let me across the pond. Oh well, it will happen someday!

Here are some cards I've made recently. I really enjoy making cards, much to my surprise! I used to be a "layout only" kind of girl, but lately the cards have been fun quick projects for me to do. I love that I don't need a picture and that I can use up all of those scraps that I've been collecting over the years.

These are my crazy peeps making faces at the camera. Those three are really too much some times. (smiles)

I have got a few more things I may get to post after we get back, but that's all I've got for now. I have got to go pack and get the kids off to Tae Kwon Do! See ya soon.


Jen said...

have so much fun, will ya! but leave some for KY!!! :O)

Anonymous said...

cuteness! Good job on those cards! will love Paris, I'm sure of it.

DeAnna said...

Your cards look great!! Much better than the stupid $4.99 cards you get in the store. Love them! And get your passport already! My sister found tickets to France roundtrip, 6 nights etc $790. Get on it!!


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