Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sweet words

My kids' last day of school was yesterday. They had a great year, loved their teachers, got good grades and over all had an excellent year. Both of the kids said that their teacher's this year were their all time favorite! Their teachers have had nothing but kind words to say about them, but I never get used to it. Of course I think that my children are wonderful, but I will admit that I am more than a bit biased! I take it as an enormous compliment when their teachers see in them the kind of character we try so hard to instill in them. Yes, my kids have their trials just like everyone else, but my hope is that their triumphs would out weigh their defeats. So, when I read these words from my daughter's teacher it literally brought tears to my eyes:

"Peyton, my dream girl! Your are an absolutely inspiring and wonderful girl who is full of spirit. It seems to flow out of you and to brighten my every day. It has been an unparalleled joy to be your teacher this year, my dear! You have so much to offer every classroom you will ever enter, any home you will ever visit, any school, any town, any world. My wish is that you get back all the joy you give, because Peyton, you have infinite potential to spread happiness."

Here are the littles on the first day of school...

and here they are on the last.

One thing I know for sure, it goes way too fast!

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DeAnna said...

I agree!! Those are sweet words that the teacher said about her. What nice thing to do. Now onto summer fun!!!


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