Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello July, time for a review...

Can you believe it is July already? Me neither! Today is day 182 of 2009 with only 183 to go. We are already half way through this year. To celebrate this little fact I thought I would share some of my favorite layouts, projects and cards that I have made so far this year.

"The Purest Place"
These are some of my favorite layouts from this year. This one is of my mom when she was a little girl. The pictures are so cute of her and her Shirley Temple curls. I like the combination of the pic's with the vintage inspired paper.
"Divine Love"
This one is of me and my hubby. In each of the squares I used objects that were significant to us and our relationship. Did you notice the wings on the layered hearts at the top? That is to signify how his love has given my heart wings (cheesy, I know, but true). The rose is how our relationship has bloomed over time, the butterfly made from sheet music is a nod to how our relationship began (in our college musical theater class). The key is because he holds the key to my heart for life. So enough with the mushy stuff, let's move on...
"they R my favorite peeps"
I frequently refer to my family as "my peeps" and wanted to do a layout documenting that. The photo is from an alley in San Francisco that we just happened upon and this mama saw a photo opportunity! The papers I used were to reflect the grungy nature of the graffiti and my peeps trying to look all hardcore in the photo.

Onto projects:
"Our Family"
This is a little frame I altered to display in our home and much like the layout "Divine Love", it is full of symbolism. The frame is actually new, but I distressed it to make it appear weathered. I used some of my German glass glitter that is one of my most favorite things! Each tag represents a little something about our family. The "W" represents our family last name, the butons are to represent how we mend and hold each other together. The pearls represent "the pearls of wisdom" and the key unlocking them. The flower and the charm (a rosary emblem that I found) represent how we grow in our faith ( we are not Catholic, it is just a representation). The heart represents our love for eachother and the milk cap represents how we nourish each other. (I know, more mush, I just can't help myself!)
This is a canvas I made for my daughter's room. I wanted to do a monochromatic color scheme, but still convey texture and movement within the design.

Here are some up close shots that show more detail.
close up

"Vegas" mini album
Hubby and I went to Vegas earlier this year on a quick little get away. I made a mini album to remember our little weekend and some of the things we did while we were there.

On to cards:
These are pretty self explanatory, so I will skip the commentary and just allow you to enjoy. ;0)
"Thinking of you"
"Life is good"

So that's that. It's great to review previous creations and remember the fun you had while creating them, the photo's you used and why you used them and to remind yourself of why you enjoy the creative process. I hope you had fun looking back with me at some of the things I have created so far this year.
Thanks for stopping by.

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DeAnna said...

Good choice of faves!! One that is missing that I really really liked is the JillyBean Soup LO of Tanner. Loved the colors. You have been busy!! Great work can't wait to see what else you come up with!


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