Monday, July 6, 2009

I am thrilled!

I am excited to share this announcement that was made today over at Bella Blvd! (check out the last name on the list) :0)


It's a new week, and I am thrilled to tell you we have finalized the invitations to our brand new Guest Artistas. Thank you so much to everyone that sent in submissions. We had a blast checking out all your awesome work and learning a bit about each of you. It's always a shame that we cannot pick everyone. The creativity is astounding, and to get submissions from all over the world is so encouraging. We also want everyone to know that for future Artista calls, anyone and everyone is invited to submit, even if you were not chosen during this round, we would love for you to continue submitting to future calls. Thank you again for all the Bella love and support!

I am so happy to announce, in alphabetical order, the new Bella Guest Artistas for 2009:

Jessica Ball

Donna Creedon

Daniela Dobson

Sheri Feypel

Krista Hanna

Nancy Holley

Jenneke Knol

Mimi Leinbach

Brittny Lejeune

Tanisha Long

Janis Medina

Deanna Misner

Sue Mylde

Christina Taylor

Tricia Wilson

Congratulations ladies! We welcome you to the Bella family!


Jenneke said...

Congrats Tricia!!!! I'm as excited as you are!!

missusem said...

Congrats Tricia :) Looking forward to seeing your work!!

scrappermimi said...

That is awesome! Congrats on Bella!

DeAnna said...

Congratulations!! (again)

I can't wait to see what comes out of this design team!!

Jen said...

yes, congratulations!!! (again)

i just bopped on over here to say hello and look what i find!!!

you are amazing!!! ;O)

ellen s. said...

yeah! congrats!

Leigh said...

Congratulations, Tricia!! That's fabulous!

SAR girls said...


Just saw this! Congrats! Well-deserved!



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