Sunday, April 13, 2008


Yes, my vacation is almost here and I am almost ready! I am excited to go to Tennessee and see my friend and what her life there is all about. I am excited to go to the scrapping event in Nashville. I am excited to have 1 week that I don't have my regular "responsibilities"! I am also nervous! Nervous to leave my family for the length of time. I know that both they and I will be okay. It's just that I have never been away from any of them for that length of time! I love my home and the comfort that it brings me, so even though I am looking forward to my trip, it's hard to leave.
Well I need to be off to continue to prepare things for my trip and my family while I am away. I will leave you with this.......


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm ready, believe you me, I'm ready!

DeAnna said...

Have fun!!

Jen said...

hello, to my new friend! the pic of us is up on my blog for ya!

Jen said...

you are too funny! i think we will meet up again someday! or maybe i will just have to come out to Cali sometime!!! :D
you are so much fun to be with!!
did you make it home OK?
almost missed my connection in Detroit...whew! but i am home safe and sound now!


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