Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I thee wed

Today is my 13th wedding anniversary! Yay us. We reminisced about the last 13 years together this morning starting from the beginning of our marriage. That was funny! We have changed so much in so many ways since the beginning. I suppose that the trick is that we have done it together. On my home page the word of the day was "coalesce". What a perfect word for such a wonderful day. Here is it's definition:

coalesce • \koh-uh-LESS\ • verb1 : to grow together 2 a : to unite into a whole : fuse*b : to unite for a common end : join forces 3 : to arise from the combination of distinct elements

I was filled today with such a sense of gratefulness for everything in my life. I told my mom that I really feel like I have everything I ever hoped for. No, we do not live in a castle by any stretch of the imagination, but our home is filled with love. We don't have the fanciest cars or lots of excess cash in our bank account, but we do have what I concider the most important things in life. We have eachother, we have our children, we have our faith in God. All of the other worldly things are just icing on the cake. Don't get me wrong though, I do love my "icing" to be sure!

I am grateful that I chose him and he chose me. I am glad that we decided to "join forces towards a common end". It makes me happy that we have "grown together and have become united as a whole". I wouldn't change a thing.

If you know us (and if you are reading this you probably do) you know where we have come from. You know the path that we have taken and know that because of our lives we really shouldn't be where we are today. Thank God, literally, that HE has blessed us and our marriage. So today we celebrate our marriage, our progress, the fact that we have beat the odds. What a wonderful journey it has been. I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

what a great it...did you get married outside? you guys look so focused on getting married.

congrats...i don't know where you came from, but i do know that i've heard you are great together and great for each can say AMEN to that b/c that is the best thing....

oooohhh, i can't wait until my 13th anniversary....

so sweet!

Jill said...

You are blessed. Tremendously blessed. I am so proud of each of you for being open to God changing your lives and being patient with one another when one was a little further along or a little behind the other...that is how you "grow united" and that is how you "work to a common goal." The two of you are priceless in our lives.

Now, on a not so serious note: I will NEVER EVER get used to seeing pictures of Dave with hair. I don't care how many I've seen, I'll NEVER get used to it!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! beautifully written...congratulations! I don't know what you have been through in your life, but it seems that you have found the peace and happiness that you deserve.


DeAnna said...

WOW, WOW, WOW. I know I have seen that pic before but I always forget what Dave looked like. In fact, I had to look twice to make sure you weren't getting married to someone else along time ago!!!! LOL!!!!! Congrats on 13 years, (sorry i forgot about your anniversary), may you have 50 more, may your lives together never cease to amaze you, stretch you and above all bless you!


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