Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vacation blogging: Day 1

So since we actually do get internet here I am going to try to do some vacation blogging. I think it will be a great way to journal our events while we are away to help me later remember what we did (so I can scrap it)! So with that, here is the update...

Yay, we made it! We are here in beautiful San Diego. On the way down the kids REALLY wanted to see the Hollywood walk of fame. We surprised them by taking a little detour down to Hollywood and Beverly Hills. They were so excited!

When we got back on the road we hit some mad traffic! Ugh! So we finally made it after adding an hour and a half to our time.

We got into our house and got settled in. It is a darling house that is decorated in , your guessed it, a beach theme! Not gaudy or over done, very tasteful and cute! Here is a picture of the kids chillin' in their room.

There are two twin beds in there and they are psyched about getting to share a bedroom (go figure)!

We had dinner at a little restaurant called Gringo's. The food was delicious and my daughter complimented the waitress on how fast the service was (LOL). This little kid at the table next to us taught us a funky little trick that consisted of some twisting and turning of your arms. Weird, but kinda fun! After that we walked down to Mission Beach. The water was great.

We came home and my husband and daughter went to the store while my son and I stayed home with the doggy. We played a few games of "Trouble", which apparently I ROCK at. No mercy people, even for the little one. hehehe

Okay, so that is about all for day one. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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milkcan said...

Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun!


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