Monday, August 4, 2008

She lives!!!!!

Hi there. I have been a little MIA lately. I have had SO much going on. We had my daughters birthday, I moved to a new salon, yada, yada, yada!

We are getting ready to go on vacation again on Saturday. I am excited. We are going to San Diego and are going to Legoland. They have a new Sea Life Aquarium that opens four days before we are going. I am excited to see it.
We are also going to visit The San Diego Zoo. I have never been to this zoo, so I am very excited to go. The only other activity we have planned other than playing on the beach is touring the Navy aircraft carrier USS Midway. Now retired, it served for 47 years spanning the end of WWII to Desert Storm. No other carrier served as long as the USS Midway. I am excited to see it in real life.

My husband is really looking forward to going to Mission Beach. It is famous for it's surfing and he can't wait to go! He has looked into getting the kids surfing lessons. Hmmmm..... I just wonder what that is going to be like. We went to Hawaii several years ago and he got me up on a board. On that same trip it was critical to him that we visit Sunset Beach on the North Shore. It is world famous for it's big wave surfing in the winter and is the site of many surfing competitions, including The Triple Crown of Surfing. Waves here can reach upwards of 50 feet! And of course when we visited Half Moon Bay we had to go to Mavericks. Surfing here is no joke! Are you seeing a pattern here people? I wouldn't say that he is obsessed, but whatever is close to that is what he is (and I love him for it)!
Here is a quick video of a local Maverick's surfer named "Flea" surfing a 61 foot wave and a photo from this years big wave competition.

Can you tell that I am really looking forward to this? I am so excited to get away with my family for some fun in the sun and some much needed rest and relaxation. Only sixteen more days of summer and the kids go back to school! This will be our last get away of the season.

I suppose that is it for now. I don't think that our vacation rental has WiFi, so I may be internet-less. What on Earth will I do? I will leave you with some new words that you can add to your vernacular. They are from The Daily Candy Lexicon. If you click on them a larger version should appear.


Fiona Y said...

have a great hol, girl!!! thanks for dropping by my blog :))

kim brimhall said...

wow! looks like so much fun!

D said...

Have fun, and I want to hear that you got up on the board and rode one in!!! Andrew learned how to body surf over the weekend and he loved every minute of it! Hang Loose missy and have a wicked cool time!


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