Friday, September 26, 2008

Don't hate me for this!

Did you realize that as of today there are only 90 days left till Christmas? That is crazy. It does not seem like this year could have flown by so swiftly, but it has. I was doing some work on the computer yesterday when it occurred to me that I should check on when tickets become available for a Christmas show we traditionally go to. When I navigated to the website imagine my surprise when I found out that not only were they already on sale, but much of the best seating was already sold out for the days and times that we prefer. I did end up being able to purchase the best seats we have had to date, but not as good as I would have thought considering it is September and most people aren't even thinking about Christmas. Obviously I was mistaken with that assumption.

My goal during the holiday season is the be as prepared as possible so that I can actually enjoy it. I do not like leaving things for the last minute and getting all stressed out. I HATE shopping late into the season and dealing with grumpy people, impossible parking lots and crowded stores. I try to avoid these things when possible. My goal is about preserving my mental health, not about being able to say in mid November, "I've got all of my Christmas shopping done. Do you???" I really, really love Christmas and prefer to enjoy it with my family doing activities together and focusing on what the real reason we celebrate this holiday.

So having said ALL of that, I wanted to share with you something I discovered. It is a website that offers a free 6 week Christmas countdown planner. I am sure that you may be thinking that I am ridiculously neurotic at this point, and you may be right, (insert wink here) but I think it is a genius idea! I especially love the "values worksheet". It asks you to evaluate your experience last year: What went well, what were the stresses, were you spiritually invigorated, what were your motivations for the purchases you made, how would you change it. There are also pages to evaluate this year once it is over, a page for notes on your memories from this year (I know all of you scrapbookers will love this one) and a "reality check" check list.
Oh, and if you haven't already figured it out, I am a HUGE fan of lists. The organization, the sense of accomplishment, the plan of action before your very eyes, but I digress.

The reason I am telling you about this now is that if you would like to use something like this you will have ample time to print and get it organized before the countdown kicks off. October 26 is the official beginning of the 6 week countdown. And just so you don't forget, I have put a countdown on the side bar of my blog (totally neurotic)!


Jen said...

oh, Tricia! did you neeeeed to remind me so soon! LOL!
ok, so here is how it goes with us:
b-ball craziness begins in November.
birthdays, birthdays, birthdays
school activities out the ying-yang for all 3 kids.
did i mention b-ball totally dominates our life from Nov-Feb???
i really do try to get the bulk of my shopping done by Thanksgiving!
Dec is just a mad whirl.
and if i have my insanity by the new year, i am ok with that.
have a great weekend, love.
how are you doing with our recent challenge?

Anonymous said...

I love it and I love your neurosis because it matches mine!

~Melissa~ said...

Ugh! I'm glad for the link and feeling pressure already that it's approaching so quickly :)

angela said...

i had no idea it was so soon! it's a good thing you posted, so now i can get to that link and get going!
angie from SIS

Karen said...

I had a similar realization just a few days ago. I've gotta get going on my Christmas cards. Thanks for the link.


DeAnna said...

So yes, I am on the Christmas countdown. I already have my fall decor out. I wish it would cool down already!!!

I have had my shopping done before Thanksgiving in the past and it is a little slice of heaven.

I have Zach's b-day, Tylor's 16th b-day and then Christmas to squeeze in.

What show do you usually go see?

I am happy to see glimpses of Christmas coming out in the stores and really excited to see that traditional Christmas decorations are making a comeback!!

DeAnna said...

One more thing: Online shopping is the best!! We have done it for the past 5 or 6 years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT


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