Monday, September 1, 2008

Hello September!

I made this screen saver for September using a template by Eva Kipler. Now I will know what day it is AND get to see you lovely family all at the same time! I downloaded the template for FREE Eva's blog. Click here for the link.

I have been wanting to scrapbook with "traditional" supplies, but just can't seem to locate the mojo, so I settled for some digi instead. I have been dealing with identity theft since last week and it has stolen my inspiration. Let me tell you, it totally sucks! I have $800 stolen from me and have found it extremely difficult to resolve. It seems like everyone I talk to doesn't actually know what they are doing and are unable to help me. They should have experts for situations such as these, seriously! And if they do have experts, they don't work at any of the agencies that I have contacted.

OH, and if you will be so kind as to allow me another tangent can I just mention the seemingly inaccurate description of "Identity Theft"?! The thief who stole my money is not really interested in assuming my "identity". If that were the case they would come to my home and do my dishes,cook my families meals, clean my toilets and vacuum my floor. Rather than steal money, they would actually have to go to work and EARN it. I know, imagine that!!!! And here is the thing, in order to have acquired my money this thief had to be pretty smart and talented. What a shame to let all of that potential go to waste on nefarious activities.

Can you tell I am not quite over it and probably still in the anger stage? LOL


Anonymous said...

You're hysterical when you're angry. Sorry friend. I do think if they wanted your identity you're right to expect them to come clean the house. :) I'm sorry it's been so difficult.

jessicamae3 said...

Oh osh, I got lost in your blog! Love your work!

jessicamae3 said...

Opps supposed to say, gosh not osh...although I wonder what osh means?

Jen said...

sorry to hear of your sucky situation. :(
i agree with you and Jill--they should have to assume those household duties!
that has happened to me on the credit card side of things, but was easy to resolve. nothing to the extent that you are dealing with...other than someone in Thailand buying an online dating sub??? go figure!
sorry sweetie!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that this happened to you. Its such a violation. I'm knocking on wood right now, but the only thief I've ever had to deal with was AOL. And that was a nightmare. My boss still uses them, hence my email address. Don't let them get your mojo down. Might be a good way to vent your frustration. Take care, friend.


DeAnna said...

You blog is hilarious!! And you used a big word! Nefarious? Wow, I just got a new wrinkle in my brain!! So sorry you are still dealing with this. Go sit on a beach that will let all your problems melt away. It did mine!

Tricia Wilson said...

I'd go to the beach and let my troubles melt away if I could afford the gas money to get there! I kid, I kid. But seriously, update you blog will ya?

Anonymous said...

i'm so sorry....that stinks!

i know that farmers insurance has identity theft angents...maybe you can call them...their commercial says that you can...

LOVE what you did with that are so so many ways!

Wilna said...

THANKS girl!!!! you are too *sweet*!!!
And yes, your post isn't really funny, but I was smiling too!

: )



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